Interview: Vidar Thomassen, Zennio UK (08/06/2020) - Vidar Thomassen has worked in the lighting and controls industry for 30 years, almost 20 of which have been spent in the UK. For the past 25 years, he has been involved with KNX and has worked with brands such [READ MORE]
Future-proofing: beware of smart home products with a limited lifespan (08/06/2020) - By Paul Foulkes, Theben and KNX UK. Not having to worry whether your technology is functioning as it should, whether it be your car starting, the fridge running or the boiler supplying heat and hot water, engenders a sense of [READ MORE]
Wellness: the WELL building standard, clean air and KNX (08/06/2020) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Fresh air ought to be a given – something that is taken for granted, simply part of the world we live in. If you live in the Alps or an idyllic backwater in Wales [READ MORE]
Dealing with Pandemics: using sensors for smarter, more adaptable cities (08/06/2020) - By Cedrik Neike, Siemens Smart Infrastructure. The coronavirus pandemic is a new experience for every one of us. It has changed life as we know it – at work, at home and for public interactions. As some countries start to [READ MORE]
Black Lives Matter: in our industry too (08/06/2020) - By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. With the global protests against police brutality and racism, I’ve decided to step away from my usual subjects. Although this isn’t my story to tell, I believe we should all be making a stand, otherwise [READ MORE]



BACnet International, KNX Association, OCF, Thread Group and Zigbee Alliance Join Forces in new IP-BLiS Initiative (29/06/2020) - BACnet International, KNX Association, OCF, Thread Group and the Zigbee Alliance today announced they are working together to better align commercial buildings with users’ connectivity needs and to improve the integration of smart building products. The organisations behind the leading [READ MORE]

xxter Celebrates 12½-Year Anniversary with Price Reduction on Pairot KNX Bridge to Voice Control (01/07/2020) - Hey Siri, Make it Cheaper to Control my House… xxter B.V., the Dutch manufacturer of the first Apple certified KNX-Bridge ‘Pairot’ in 2017, celebrates its 12½-year anniversary and release of the Pairot app with a big and permanent price reduction. Since the first release, the Pairot is on the market for €595 ex VAT. From [READ MORE]
BEMCO Offers Practical Webinars Throughout July (30/06/2020) - Lockdown has proved to be a trying time for manufacturers, systems integrators and distributors alike; we’re all adapting to new market conditions as we work out what the new normal looks like. One thing hasn’t changed. We all need each other. [READ MORE]
KNX Association Announces Digital Event for 2020 Awards (25/06/2020) - The KNX Awards celebrate the smartest home and building projects realised with KNX in 8 categories. This highly anticipated event is normally held every 2 years during the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Light + Building 2020 might [READ MORE]
ISE Looks Forward to Barcelona Debut in 2021 (24/06/2020) - Momentum builds towards an exciting and secure exhibition, a diverse conference programme and debut of The Next Web’s Growth Quarters Planning for Integrated Systems Europe 2021 is well underway with its organisers, Integrated Systems Events, committed to delivering a compelling [READ MORE]
Theben Selected as Champion of Innovation (23/06/2020) - Out with the old, in with the new. That’s the philosophy innovative SMEs like Haigerloch-based Theben AG are adopting as they face the new world in front of them, viewing it as something to embrace rather than fear. It was [READ MORE]
KNX Association Announces KNXperience – the first Online KNX Trade Show (22/06/2020) - The first Online KNX Trade Show will have its grand opening at the end of September. A completely new and exciting experience is yet to come – a real Trade Show experience completely online. What to expect? KNX Association highlights [READ MORE]
My KNX Store Offers Support for Integrators (15/06/2020) - Are you an electrician or integrator looking to expand into the home automation / building control sector or increase the control systems you currently offer? With so many control systems on the market it can, at times, be a little [READ MORE]