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Julian Barkes2 Interview: Julian Barkes on Reaching out to Electrical Contractors, Brexit and More (07/09/2016) - Julian Barkes is the Purchasing Director for Bemco, a third-generation family-run electrical wholesaling business that started in 1893 in Newcastle, UK. Bemco was originally set up to provide cable and lighting for the mining, railway and steel works industries in … [READ MORE]


knx-association-welcomes-osram KNX Association Welcomes OSRAM as 400th Member (26/09/2016) - KNX, the worldwide standard for home and building control (ISO/IEC 14543), strengthen the Internationalisation of this leading technology with OSRAM Licht AG joining the community. KNX is known for its high degree of interoperability between products of different manufacturers and … [READ MORE]


knx-secure KNX Secure (16/09/2016) - What is KNX Secure? The safety requirements of KNX installations are growing. Critical and confidential information is increasingly transmitted due to extended application areas. These are for instance: - information on consumption data that should not be seen by third … [READ MORE]