J2 Innovations feature 2 Sponsor Article: why open frameworks matter (05/09/2019) - By Chris Irwin, J2 Innovations. When a technology is new, it is usually very expensive and proprietary because it is difficult to achieve and complex to deliver. This was certainly true of computers; which were hugely expensive compared to now … [READ MORE]

Simon Buddle Sept 2019 feature The Climate Challenge: the advantages of programmable logic control (05/09/2019) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Well it’s been another extraordinary summer of weather. One stage of the Tour De France had to be cut short due to a snow blizzard in July, that closed a mountain pass. To be … [READ MORE]
Nick Gliatis feature Case study: Porto Mykonos – a hotel operating at half power in Greece (05/09/2019) - By Nick Gliatis, GDS Digital Systems. Comprising 90 rooms, Porto Mykonos is a luxury hotel located at the famous and bustling port of Mykonos Town on the Greek island of Mykonos. This is where all the action happens, both by … [READ MORE]
Sue Milne feature Interview: Sue Milne gives a fresh take on the home automation industry in the UK (05/09/2019) - Sue Milne started her career in advertising sales within the luxury marine market. She progressed into general management, and led sales and account management teams based in the UK and throughout Europe. Having worked for a large American corporation, she … [READ MORE]


KNX Association Shows Smart Home Applications using Artificial Intelligence at IFA 2019 KNX Association Shows Smart Home Applications using Artificial Intelligence at IFA 2019 (21/08/2019) - The latest KNX solutions provide more security and convenience KNX, the world’s leading standard in smart home and building (ISO / IEC 14543), combines high comfort, maximum safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection in a single system. Numerous manufacturers will … [READ MORE]

Panasonic and BAB TECHNOLOGIE Solutions for TV-KNX Panasonic and BAB TECHNOLOGIE Present Solutions for TV-KNX Integration for Smart Homes and Hotels (12/09/2019) - TV is becoming an important element in the intelligent home. This is made possible by the IoT-KNX gateway ‘APP MODULE’ and the new smart home app ‘Panasonic Connect’ – the result of a new partnership between Panasonic and BAB TECHNOLOGIE. … [READ MORE]
ABB i-bus KNX Busch-ControlTouch-feature ABB Launches Open API Platform to Boost Smart Home Automation (10/09/2019) - At IFA 2019, ABB launched its new open API platform that is set to unlock the potential for a new era of smart home automation ABB will be officially certified for KNX integration with Sonos through ABB i-bus® KNX Busch-ControlTouch … [READ MORE]
KNX UK Publishes Code of Conduct KNX UK Publishes Code of Conduct: Industry Best Practice (09/09/2019) - The KNX UK Association has published a Code of Conduct that ensures customers will always benefit fully from the open, flexible and scalable foundations that are KNX’s core strength. End users, developers and consultants can be assured that members of … [READ MORE]
Theben feature image Theben Launches KNX RF Flush-mounting Wireless Actuators (12/08/2019) - Theben AG is expanding its range of KNX RF products with new KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers. Encryption through KNX Data Secure ensures communication is optimally protected against tapping and manipulation. KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and the media … [READ MORE]