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Joost Demarest Interview: Joost Demarest on KNX Secure (16/07/2018) - With the threat of hacking ever-present, KNX Association has developed KNX Secure – a robust security solution for wired-, wireless- and IP-based installations. In this exclusive interview with KNXtoday, KNX Association CFO & CTO, Joost Demarest, talks strategy and implementation. … [READ MORE]


KNX Projects KNX Association Launches New Platform for Smart Home and Building Projects (02/08/2018) - More than 500 KNX projects have already been published: The KNX Project Platform brings interested parties and system integrators together With the new platform for smart home and building projects, the KNX Association is creating a new central contact point … [READ MORE]


The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming eBook (16/07/2018) - The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming is a simple and easy to understand introduction to the world of KNX technology. From setting up a miniature system to systems with several areas, you will learn the correct cabling and procedures. You … [READ MORE]