Sponsor’s Article: the productivity paradox and the promise of automated configuration (05/12/2019) - By Chris Irwin, J2 Innovations. Nearly every building’s HVAC controls are different; even retail chains, whose formula for new shops typically requires the same fit-out equipment and services, typically find that the local building’s shape, size, and condition makes each [READ MORE]

Integration: the versatility of KNX to connect with almost anything (05/12/2019) - By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. We are regularly asked if KNX works with a certain product or system. Whilst it’s easy to point out how KNX is a standard, so the question really should be whether said product or system [READ MORE]
HVAC: the importance of humidity to KNX installers (05/12/2019) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. I’m not one for sun worshipping nor am I usually in need of some winter sun. However, this year we’re heading to see friends and family in New Orleans and thought we might stop [READ MORE]
View from America: the first KNX intelligent commercial building in the USA (05/12/2019) - By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. My previous article talked about complete commercial field applications across multiple trades and protocols with a streamlined IP interface to the overall building energy management system (BEMS). The good news is that we’ve accomplished this [READ MORE]


ISE Invites You to Make Deeper Connections at 2020 Event (02/12/2019) - ISE returns to Amsterdam next February with a programme that will attract AV end-user and channel professionals alike Tuesday 11 February 2020 sees Integrated Systems Europe – the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration – return to the [READ MORE]

Eelectron Announces New KNX Heating Actuators (03/12/2019) - Eelectron is delighted to announce the extension of its catalogue with a new range of KNX heating actuators: Main features: – Control of 24 VAC or 230 VAC valves with no relay sound – Inputs (from 1 to 4) can [READ MORE]
KNX Association Announces Availability of ETS Inside for Linux (03/12/2019) - The ETS Inside extended the reach of smart homes and smart buildings to a broader audience, allowing the commissioning and programming of a whole KNX installation with a tip of a finger. Never has it been easier to realise a [READ MORE]
ABB Launches IoT Dashboard for Mid-Sized Commercial Building Automation Solutions (02/12/2019) - Preventative maintenance is three to nine times cheaper than reactive maintenance, therefore ABB launches its new user-friendly IoT Dashboard to improve usability and reduce maintenance in smart buildings. Easy to commission, simple to install and intuitive to use, the new [READ MORE]
Park Electrical Distributors and Vitrea Technologies Announce Exclusive Partnership (29/11/2019) - Partnership lights the way for building technologies division The building technologies division of Park Electrical Distributors, the North East’s leading independent electrical wholesaler, has announced an exclusive partnership with home automation specialist, Vitrea Technologies of Israel. Building technologies manager, Paul [READ MORE]
Weinzierl Announces Powerful and Compact KNX Gateways to Modbus and DMX (25/11/2019) - With two new gateways Weinzierl Engineering GmbH is expanding its portfolio and allows popular systems such as DMX and Modbus to easily connect with KNX. The Weinzierl KNX DMX Gateway 544 is a compact gateway between KNX and DMX512 with [READ MORE]
Ivory Egg Showcases Lithoss KNX Switches and Keypads (20/11/2019) - Ivory Egg is delighted to be able to showcase Belgian designer and manufacturer Lithoss. As Lithoss’ exclusive UK supplier we want to share the intelligent simplicity of their products with designers, architects and integrators to help inspire KNX project designs. [READ MORE]