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The new Centre for Medicine at the University of Leicester, UK. Case Study: Leicester University Centre for Medicine uses KNX to Reach Passivhaus Standard (11/10/2016) - By Jon Payne, Entech. The new Centre for Medicine at the University of Leicester is home to the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology departments. It will replace an existing structure on the same site and has been designed … [READ MORE]


knx-association-welcomes-osram KNX Association Welcomes OSRAM as 400th Member (26/09/2016) - KNX, the worldwide standard for home and building control (ISO/IEC 14543), strengthen the Internationalisation of this leading technology with OSRAM Licht AG joining the community. KNX is known for its high degree of interoperability between products of different manufacturers and … [READ MORE]


memoori-buildings-need-to-be-operated-with-more-precision Memoori Buildings Need to be Operated with More Precision Webinar (17/10/2016) - Wednesday 19th October, 4pm UK Time Buildings Need to be Operated with More Precision! A Q&A Webinar with Eric Hall, Chief Technology Officer at Site 1001 Inc. We will be discussing how can we as an industry improve facilities management … [READ MORE]