KNX TP1-256 feature The New KNX TP1-256 Topology: more devices and fewer line repeaters (10/07/2019) - By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. The KNX Association has recently announced the completion of a long-running project to update the system topology in order to make KNX even easier and simpler to use. Until now, the smallest part of the … [READ MORE]

smoke detector feature KNX and Domestic Alarm Systems: how effective is your fire strategy? (10/07/2019) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Fire is without doubt one of the most devastating incidents that can befall us. The ferocity and magnitude of house fires can leave a home a decimated pile of ash. People who escape stand … [READ MORE]
data protection feature KNX Secure: the way to protect your installations (10/07/2019) - By Thomas Weinzierl, Weinzierl Engineering GmbH. Communication and data processing are hardly conceivable today without considering security aspects. In the future, insecure communication systems are unlikely to be accepted. The way has already been shown by the Internet, with the … [READ MORE]
Distributors can help integrators to develop their business. Opinion: manufacturers – don’t underestimate the value that distributors add! (10/07/2019) - By Julian Barkes, Bemco. The electrical industry has wrestled for a long time with the issue of trying to shorten the supply chain. The relationship between client, specifier, manufacturer, wholesaler and contractor used to be understood by everybody, but with … [READ MORE]


KNXTrain Sets off Around the World The #KNXTrain Sets off Around the World (17/06/2019) - Ever since its inception almost 30 years ago, training has played a key role in the success of KNX – the worldwide STANDARD for building control. With over 470 manufacturers providing more than 8000 compliant products, KNX brings flexible, comprehensive … [READ MORE]

ABB Wins Red Dot Outstanding Design Awards ABB Wins Red Dot Outstanding Design Awards for ABB-tacteo and ABB i-bus KNX PEONIA Sensors (19/07/2019) - As ABB continues to lead the field in combining modern design and innovative solutions for smart buildings, the company picks up two prestigious Red Dot Awards for its ABB-tacteo® sensor and ABB i-bus® KNX PEONIA® sensor. Established in 1995, the … [READ MORE]
KNX-Association-Free-ETS5-Supplementary KNX Association Announces 50% Off its ETS Apps in July (08/07/2019) - In July and only for one month, order any of the KNX Association ETS Apps and receive 50% off! These ETS Apps are: Device Reader, EIBlib/IP, Extended Copy, Split&Merge, My Product Templates, Replace Device, Labels, Long-Term Recorder, Project Tracing, Device … [READ MORE]
ABB i-bus KNX Building Control Digital Lighting for Shijiazhuang Metro ABB Provides i-bus KNX Intelligent Building Control to Empower Digital Lighting for Shijiazhuang Metro (04/07/2019) - ABB will provide ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system for Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 phase II and two-direction extension of Line 3 Phase I, integrating DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) Control Unit to realize smart management of station lighting, … [READ MORE]
My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case (20/06/2019) - We are excited to announce the launch of our My KNX Store Promotional Sample Cases which have been specifically designed to support our customers and those working within the KNX industry when in the process of securing KNX projects. At … [READ MORE]


KNX RF KNX Secure - the Perfect Symbiosis Webinar KNX RF & KNX Secure, the Perfect Symbiosis Webinar (01/07/2019) - From the “KNX RF Webinar series”, this Webinar is delivered by the company Weinzierl, showcasing the perfect combination of newest KNX Secure specifications with the KNX RF communication medium. … [READ MORE]

CEDIA ISE Talk - Mass Sensorization CEDIA ISE Talk: Mass Sensorization (05/07/2019) - Christiaan Beukes of Sphere Custom (London/South Africa) digs into the impact of Big Data in this startling CEDIA Talk. … [READ MORE]
ABB KNX Secure and IP Router Secure Webinar ABB KNX Secure and IP Router Secure Webinar (28/06/2019) - Webinar from the Building Automation Competence Center Europe. Content: ABB i-bus KNX - Overview IP Router - Situation and Threat scenarios - KNX Secure (KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure) - IP Router Secure IPR/S 3.5.1 - Commissioning of … [READ MORE]
Frost Sullivan Value Proposition - Smart Cities Frost & Sullivan Value Proposition – Smart Cities (26/06/2019) - Frost & Sullivan has defined a smart city as one that has an active plan and projects in at least five of the eight functional areas of Energy, Buildings, Mobility, Technology, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Governance, and Citizens. Each of these key … [READ MORE]
Adroit Significant Role of Internet of Thing In Home Automation Adroit Market Research: Significant Role of Internet of Things in Home Automation Whitepaper (19/06/2019) - Internet of Things is a process where electronic devices which have the capability to sense data, process it and self adopt it are used to interact with devices performing the same task in order to make an intelligent self decision. … [READ MORE]