The Next Step: Services with KNX (11/05/2020) - By Yasmin Hashmi, KNXtoday. The built environment touches on almost every aspect of human life, from home to healthcare to education, leisure, commerce and industry. In this era of major challenges, KNX is showing how technology can help shape a [READ MORE]
Keeping your Distance: offering customers peace of mind through KNX remote access (11/05/2020) - By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. With everything that’s been going on over the last few months, it’s easy to forget the change of seasons, especially for those that have been on the strictest of lockdowns. As we start to see [READ MORE]
Saving the Planet: the all-electric house (11/05/2020) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. So, I have officially ridden more miles on my bicycle this month than I have driven in my van, and with this hot weather, the shower has been in use a lot. We have [READ MORE]
View from America: mitigating coronavirus transmission via HVAC (11/05/2020) - By Philip R. Juneau. Believe it or not, the average person spends around 90% of their life indoors; and these days that percentage may be even higher. With staying at home and social distancing being mandatory (or at least desirable) [READ MORE]



KNX Association Wants to Hear How You’ve Dealt with Fake News about KNX (08/05/2020) - Haters Gonna Hate – But in May, we set the record straight! Tell us, how you dealt with Fake News about KNX and how you set the record straight. In May, #KNXis30 would like to clear out rumours and myths [READ MORE]

KNX Association has a Positive Message for the Future (18/05/2020) - 2020 had a dazzling start to celebrate the 30th anniversary of KNX. With excellent results in market studies in KNX’s core countries, as well as in ETS sales, confirming what everyone already knew: KNX is the number one system for [READ MORE]
KNX Association Offers 30% Off ETS5 Professional in May (07/05/2020) - Thirty years ago the on 8th May, KNX Association was founded. For this special occasion, KNX Association will offer you a double special offer. First of all, during the whole month of May, with the unique code underneath you will [READ MORE]
Light + Building Will be Held Again in its Normal Sequence in 2022 (06/05/2020) - Light + Building and Intersec Building will be held from 13 to 18 March 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. In view of the world-wide situation caused by the Corona pandemic, and the prohibitions on events and travel restrictions associated with [READ MORE]
Home of Technologies Offers Special Deal on KNX Design, Planning and Project Management Tool from BEMI Automation (05/05/2020) - The Design, Planning and Project Management tool from BEMI Automation is the ultimate solution for designing, planning, budgeting and managing the technical requirements and workflows for your next KNX project. It allows you to: Inspire and motivate more customers (and [READ MORE]