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The Melbourne Super House combines off-grid living with luxury. Case Study: KNX-controlled Super House in Melbourne Australia (08/03/2017) - By Richard Sagar, Sagar Smart Homes. This triple award-winning high-end project combines off-grid living with unbridled luxury. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Melbourne Super House has allowed the homeowners to realise a lifetime of dreams, and features a fully integrated … [READ MORE]


KNX ETS Inside KNX Association Announces Successful Launch of ETS Inside with Over 1000 Licenses Sold Within the First Three Days (24/03/2017) - The launch of the ETS Inside is accompanied by the biggest series of events in the history of KNX. With more than 30 conferences all over the world, in March 2017 the whole KNX community ushers in a new era … [READ MORE]


Getting Started with ETS Inside Video Getting Started with ETS Inside Video (19/03/2017) - This video shows you how you can create a new project in ETS Inside and what steps you need to follow. … [READ MORE]