DINUY Introduces Range of KNX RF S-Mode Devices

In addition to the current portfolio of KNX RF E-Mode products, DINUY has launched the new RF S-Mode range, with interesting wireless sensors and actuators.

The first products include:

MI K5X 001 Switching actuator
RE K5X LE1 Dimming actuator for LED lamps
K5X LE2 Dimming actuator for LED strips
RE K5X DA1 Dimming actuator for DALI drivers
RE K5X 010 Dimming actuator for 1 / 10 V drivers

The programming of all these devices is carried out via ETS5. The configuration is carried out via the KNX RF/USB stick, and the con-nection between these wireless actuators and the KNX bus is established via the KNX RF Media Coupler.


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