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Case Study: KNX-controlled Super House in Melbourne Australia

The Melbourne Super House combines off-grid living with luxury.

By Richard Sagar, Sagar Smart Homes. This triple award-winning high-end project combines off-grid living with unbridled luxury. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Melbourne Super House has allowed the homeowners to realise a lifetime of dreams, and features a fully integrated … [READ MORE]

First Principles: Setting the Scene for the Holidays

Nikita Thompson

By Nikita Thompson, Ivory Egg. Going away for the weekend should be a simple and enjoyable exercise, but often we end up spending so much time and energy getting our house ready to go, we set off on holiday already … [READ MORE]

Case Study: KNX installation for Hotel in Jönköping, Sweden

Giangiacomo Pastore

By Giangiacomo Pastore, Eelectron. The Vox Hotel in Jönköping, Sweden is a new hotel where a high level of automation is matched by beautiful environments, high-end finishes, and a green attitude. The hotel looks out onto Lake Vättern, and boasts … [READ MORE]

Trade Talk: Shade Control – the most underspecified aspect of the KNX smart home

Sophie Thomas

By Sophie Thomas, Ivory Egg. The nights are beginning to draw in again, and the clocks will soon be changing. Rather than feeling down, we can focus on the positives: KNX installations around the world will be effortlessly switching external … [READ MORE]

Case Study: The Monarch I – Turning an Old Office Block into a Shining Example of Energy Efficiency using KNX

Remco Hoveling

By Remco Hoveling, BAM Techniek – Regio West. The Monarch is an office development in the centre of The Hague, Netherlands. Ultimately, it will comprise four office buildings, one of which, the Monarch I, is a refurbishment of an existing … [READ MORE]

Case Study: The Crystal – A Siemens Sustainable Cities Initiative Featuring KNX

Chris Topham

By Chris Topham, Abtec Group. Covering over 6,300 square metres, The Crystal, a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens, is a unique, all-electric building in the heart of London’s Green Enterprise District. The building is both and exhibition centre and a … [READ MORE]

Case Study: A Wooden House with a Gira-KNX Brain, Dachau, Germany

Anton Hieber

By Anton Hieber, Elektro Hieber. For this very special wooden house, located in the middle of a flowering meadow in the Dachau Hinterland, Germany, we worked closely with ecologic entrepreneur Erwin Thoma to combine natural products and KNX solutions to … [READ MORE]