Z2 GmbH Joins KNX Association

Z2 GmbH has been founded in 2002 by Dr. Antoni Przygienda, a former member of IBM Research Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, and Bell Labs, USA. Z2 focuses on KNX/IP development, consulting and deployment. Its KNX product line encompasses an advanced KNX/IP gateway offering large-scale, world-wide secure access to KNX. The platform is used for remote trouble-shooting, quality assurance, data mining and control of KNX installations.

Customer benefit: a drastic reduction in development times of KNX clients and simple world-wide access to KNX installation. In automation area, Z2 offers following market-services:

- Planning, project management and realization of customized, integrated residences.
- Independent evaluations of third-party projects
- Crisis management for existing projects
- Consulting services in software systems development from project management level up to CEO level advisory.


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