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CEDIA: Future of Smart Home – ISE 2020 (19/02/2020) - ISE 2020 Main Stage, Thursday 13 February What’s next when it comes to whole-home integration? What’s next when it comes to security, access control, and lighting? What about voice control? HVAC? Smart plumbing? And most importantly, home networking? Two award-winning [READ MORE]
ISE: Future of the Built Environment – Smart Buildings – ISE 2020 (19/02/2020) - ISE 2020 Main Stage. Wednesday 12 Feb Every AV/IT integrator needs to know how digital disruption is transforming the built environment that encompasses us all. Based on news fresh from ISE 2020’s own Smart Building Conference, the SBC Content Chairman [READ MORE]
How to license your ETS5 Software (30/01/2020) - This short video will show you how to easily activate your dongle and create the license file you need in order to unlock your ETS5 software. [READ MORE]
The Benefits and Challenges of Automated Homes (30/01/2020) - Smart homes promise to automate our home experiences. To accomplish this feat, tools and devices from different vendors need to be seamlessly integrated into a single smart home system. Edwin Hannink, Director of Theben Nederland, explains how the KNX association [READ MORE]