Zennio Announces the ZN1SY-LCTP KNX Line Coupler

The solution for coupling and repeating KNX lines in your projects.

The new KNX line coupler from Zennio, Zennio Linecoupler, with reference ZN1SY-LCTP, offers you a solution for large projects in which more than one KNX line is needed.

Two alternative application programs allow you to configure the device as a line coupler or as an amplifier/repeater.

Line coupler mode:

The device enables you to couple two KNX twisted-pair lines together with the flexibility of allowing through the line coupler mode to connect a KNX sub-line to a KNX mainline, or a KNX mainline to a line of KNX areas (backbone line).

Repeater mode:

In addition, the Line coupler permits linking together two sub-line segments acting as a line repeater, whilst providing electrical isolation between the two lines.

The device has the following features:

- Low current consumption.
- Galvanic insulation of the lines/ areas.
- Traffic filtering based on the project topology and filter address table.
- Telegram dropping.
- Compatibility with Long messages (up to 250 bytes).
- Button to enable/disable test mode.
- 6 indicator lights (LEDs) to know in detail the bus status on each line.
- DIN rail unit assembly (EN 50022).
- Size: 90 x 70 x 35 mm (2 DIN units).
- No external power supply required other than the Bus.
- KNX BCU integrated.
- CE directives compliant.


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