xxter Offers KNX and EnOcean Integration Models for its Home Automation System

xxter now offers a xxter model available with en integrated KNX connection. With this model you can connect the KNX bus directly to the xxter unit, without the use of a KNX IP module. This model is also available in combination with enOcean.

Available models and combinations:

HC01D – EU xxter with KNXnet/IP protocol
HE01D – EU xxter with enOcean protocol
HCE01D – EU xxter with enOcean & KNXnet/IP protocol
HK01D – EU xxter with KNX protocol (direct knx-connection)
HKE01D – EU xxter with enOcean & KNX protocol (direct knx-connection)
UGC – EU xxter KNXnet/IP upgrade for enOcean model
UGE – EU xxter enOcean upgrade for KNX model (incl. antenna)

About xxter

On top of a standard automated home installation of for instance KNX or EnOcean, xxter adds a great amount of possibilities that enables you as an installer to live up to the expectations and promise of home automation.

The xxter unit is installed in the home or office and is continuously connected to the home automation system and the internet. These connections enable xxter to not only control the electrical installation, but also make use of network components like cameras, intercom systems, audio installations and RGB led lighting. Additionally xxter provides a complete visualisation with the xxter App on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, to use at home or on the way. The xxter unit has numerous built-in functions with which the user can control all of the home automation and appliances as one integrated system.


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xxter Offers KNX and EnOcean Integration Models for its Home Automation System — 1 Comment

  1. As a happy customer, user and implementer of the xxter solution I can only say that this product is very valuable for all integrators who want to offer there customers a great set of features but do master as good as no programming skills. Xxter is a high end product that offers all flexibility for as well integrator as end-user and is relative cheap in as well the product as the implementation cost. In short Xxter is unmatched if you search a balanced ROI product. Check this out. For the home market this product is all you need and the end customers don’t need to be oil-traders. Regards.

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