Theben and Ivory Egg Offer Free KNX Heating Training Course, 19 February 2014

Theben and Ivory Egg invite you to a free training and networking day for leading-edge residential installers. The day is intended as an introduction to heating control for application in a residential KNX installation.

We have two levels to choose from:
Novice – for those KNX trained and wanting to understand more about heating.
Level 1 – for those who are more experienced and want to take the next step.

You will only need to attend one day, so get in touch if you are unsure which course to attend.

Course details

• Basic heating terms and control strategy.
• Hydrolics principles including underfloor heating manifolds.
• On/Off and modulation.
• Boiler software and set up.
• Common end user questions.
• Common integrator questions.
• KNX heating schemes.

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