FEEL s.r.l. Joins the KNX Association

FEEL s.r.l., founded in 2010 by Lucaboni Maurizio, is an Italian owned and operated company and a leader in the electric and electronic equipment co-moulding industry.

It has a worldwide reputation for guaranteeing its customers extremely high product quality in terms of aesthetics and the use of new materials, such as 1.2 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel surfaces featuring a Scotch-Brite finish and an anti-fingerprint treatment, in addition to 24-carat GOLD – an extremely refined material.

Our 25 years experience in co-moulding switchplates and touch control switches, coupled with the constant desire to experiment and search for innovative solutions, constitute the cornerstones of our group. The patent filed in 2009 bears witness to our efforts.

Our production plants are equipped with the most advanced laser machines, suitable for all kinds of custom processing for switchplates or electronic controls.

Feel srl, Italy: http://www.feel-italy.it

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