Solutions: Ventilation Control Using KNX — 3 Comments

  1. Nice article; thanks Sophie. I’m wondering if there are any MVHR systems that offer a higher level of KNX integration than simply connecting to a switching actuator. Some of the systems I’ve looked at offer 7 different speed settings and the supplied control panels have indicators to remind you to change the filters. It would be ideal if there was an MVHR system with “native” KNX integration, or failing that a system that used another control protocol standard that could be integrated with KNX.

  2. Yes great article. I fully agree with David about knx integration in the mvhr unit. Even in mainland Europe, which I well ahead in using mvhr I don’t know of any manufacturers having a fully knx compliant device. HUGE market gap

  3. MHVRs are great inventions but as far as I am concerned they are too primative. How they work in France is that the fan(s) are controlled and pull air from all the vents. Increasing ventilation can typically be done manually, or automatically with a hydrometry sensor to detect a wet bathroom (or imagine the CO2 application in a room). However the air is then refreshed in the whole house, not just the room needing ventilation. It would make A LOT of sense to me if there were KNX louvers/dampers on each vent tube which could optimise where the air was being moved around.

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