Black Nova Shows New ANY KNX Control Panel at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018

Crafted with marble, metal, and glass, ANY’s look is avant-garde. It’s a revolutionary fusion of artistry and technology. ANY welcomes you with a lambent light emanating from the 841 RGB LED matrix. It shines through the panel’s surface, taking the form of a swimming jellyfish, a windy flower, or any possible shape. ANY activates once you get closer, responding to the slightest of hand motions. Each panel has its own set of sensors that check temperature and humidity creating a perfect personalized habitat.

With a fluid swipe to the left or right, ANY takes you to control options such as music, lighting, climate, or shading no matter which room you are in. It’s seamless home automation seen as artwork.

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