KNX Association Offers 30% Rebate on Pack of 3 ETS5 Professional Licenses in June

Buy a pack of 3 ETS5 Professional license with 30% rebate

Does your company needs to buy licenses for its staff members? In June, KNX Association offers you a special pack of 3 licenses for ETS5 Professional with a rebate of 30%! Moreover, these Professional products will also allow you to order now or later, ETS5 Supplementary licenses at a very low price if ever more members are joining your staff.

KNX Association Free ETS5 Supplementary


You must buy IN THE SAME ORDER:

- 3 new ETS5 Professional.
- Not valid for upgrades of ETS.
- This offer cannot be combined with other actions or voucher.
- Reduction only valid on the regular price.

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