CONTROLtronic Offers Glass Touch Sensor and Room Thermostat with KNX Data Secure Support

KNX Glass Touch Sensor and KNX Room Thermostat with KNX Data Secure – the CONTROLtronic glass touch series Living Emotions® offers innovative technology and superior design.

Features include real glass in different colors and finishes, icons which can be exchangeable for one to seven sensor fields, colour LED illumination RGBW, proximity detection, temperature and air humidity sensor and flat in-wall mounting with invisible magnetic fixing.

With the support of KNX Data Secure, the CONTROLtronic KNX Glass Touch Sensors and KNX Room Thermostats make it possible to set up a secure and protected KNX installation be it in a commercial building, hotel, outside or public area of a residential building. So wherever the KNX line is freely accessible – protection of the installation by data encryption is possible.

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