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Cedia training 2 CEDIA and KNX: What are the Synergies? (10/05/2019) - By Matt Nimmons, CEDIA. As CEDIA celebrates its thirtieth birthday this year, it’s clear that the home technology integration business has changed significantly. CEDIA grew out of the home entertainment industry, driven by the consumer demand for professionally-installed and integrated … [READ MORE]

With residential work, it is important to be clear about how the project will be delivered and your approach to variations and project changes. Business Opportunities: Transitioning between Residential and Commercial Projects (10/05/2019) - By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. When it comes to the built environment, it’s a big old world out there. Every town or city has myriad different buildings designed for countless different uses. Some buildings are even completely repurposed to fulfil … [READ MORE]
Aerial view of the complete Defence National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC), situated in the Midlands, UK. Case Study: KNX Promotes Recovery and Energy Saving in the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre, Loughborough, UK (10/05/2019) - By Ben Patterson and Paul Murphy, Intecho. The Defence National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) is a newly-constructed GBP300 million world-class medical facility that is located centrally on the Stanford Hall Estate, close to Loughborough, UK. Operated by the Ministry of Defence, … [READ MORE]
Code of Conduct Trade Talk: At last – a Code of Conduct (10/05/2019) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Nearly every day at work feels like I’m wading through a swamp of treacle; adjust this drawing, update the revision number and drawing issue sheet, update the quote, dial in and change the lighting … [READ MORE]