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1Home feature Sponsor’s Article: reconstructing a KNX home configuration out of the ETS project file to quickly retrofit voice control, visualisation apps and the IoT (08/11/2019) - By Urban Marovt, 1Home Solutions The global home automation market is going crazy at the moment, to the point where it seems that soon, every device we bring into our homes will be smart. Over the past three years, the … [READ MORE]

Temp feature KNX Thermostats: intelligence in heating control (08/11/2019) - By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. It’s getting cold out, well in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, so it must be time for an article about heating control. The decentralised nature of KNX makes it ideal for heating control, particularly in systems … [READ MORE]
Clippings from America feature image View from America: KNX as the future standard for the USA (08/11/2019) - By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. As this is the inaugural article for my ‘View from America’ column, I’d like to be upfront about my main goal, which is to promote the adoption of KNX in the USA. So I thought … [READ MORE]
Security feature image Security: safeguarding your customers’ networks (08/11/2019) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. I’ve been around long enough to know a time when people left their front doors unlocked during the day. People would pop in for a tea and chat, children running between houses to gather … [READ MORE]
Conference feature image Report: KNX International Training Centre Conference (08/11/2019) - By Julian Barkes, BEMCO. The annual Training Centre Conference took place on 18th October at the Grand Hotel Bristol, Stresa, Italy, overlooking the beautiful Lake Maggiore, a very pleasant 45-minute train journey from Milan. KNX Certification Manager, Ufuk Unal, went … [READ MORE]