Case Study: Lighting Control for a Zero-energy Building using B.E.G. Presence Detectors

The Sulzer building at night, illuminated with LED spotlights.system that controls all areas of the Sulzer administration building.

By Christoph Börsch, B.E.G. Sulzer is a family-run business with 40 employees, and is an established provider of technical engineering services such as planning, consulting and construction management. Headed by Harald Sulzer, the company’s goal is to achieve optimal coordination … [READ MORE]

Trade Talk: PIR Technology


By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Motion detection is perceived by many as a relatively simple function to enable us to trigger fans or lights, whether internal or external. It’s not very clever and doesn’t require much by way of … [READ MORE]

Case Study: Leicester University Centre for Medicine uses KNX to Reach Passivhaus Standard

The new Centre for Medicine at the University of Leicester, UK.

By Jon Payne, Entech. The new Centre for Medicine at the University of Leicester is home to the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology departments. It will replace an existing structure on the same site and has been designed … [READ MORE]

Product Design: How KNX Systems can Benefit from MCUs with FRAM Technology


By Damian Szmulewicz, Texas Instruments, and Oscar M. Guillen, Technical University of Munich. There has been a tremendous increase in the adoption of building automation systems over the last two decades, in part due to the development of smart microcontroller … [READ MORE]

How to Solve it: KNX Presence Detectors Affected by Adverse Environmental Factors

The inside of a presence detector.

By Mahir Mensuri Karataş, Turkish Petroleum. The Problem In a KNX lighting automation system, a common problem is when lights turn on automatically due to undesirable environmental factors that adversely affect the presence detectors. One of the most important tasks … [READ MORE]

Advice for Architects, Designers and Building Planners: Prepare for Care

Paul Foulkes

By Paul Foulkes, EchoHouse. In my last article I looked at KNX and Passivhaus. This was a direct view of saving energy in buildings by using Passivhaus techniques to reduce the heat load and improve thermal comfort, and using KNX … [READ MORE]

How to Solve it: Individual Device Supervision and Traceability in a KNX Installation using the NETxAutomation BMS Server and Voyager Visualisation


By Julio Díaz García, Sapienx Automation. The Problem Security is a critical factor in any building control system and, in my opinion, should be the primary design consideration in a KNX installation. Furthermore, the decentralised nature of a KNX bus … [READ MORE]

Case Study: Northumbria Specialist Care Hospital Pushes KNX into the IoT

Chris Topham

By Chris Topham, Abtec Building Technologies. The Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital is England’s first 24/7 emergency care hospital. Modern approaches to care have been reflected in the hospital’s design with most of the beds in single en-suite rooms. That … [READ MORE]