Trade Talk: Whoever Has the Gold Makes the Rules – an upmarket lighting experience


By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. I’ve been on this one particular project for 18 months now. It has meandered its way slowly downstream, stopping for a break at non-payment signs and Russian Orthodox holidays. It has been something of … [READ MORE]

Advice for Architects, Designers and Building Planners: Integrating Community Energy – Part 1

Paul Foulkes

By Paul Foulkes, EchoHouse. Technology for buildings could be about to take a leap forward. You can control your heating from an app on your phone, and your lights, and even home security cameras. But can you do it from … [READ MORE]

Case Study: ABB’s New HQ in France Saves 25% in Energy Costs

The new ABB headquarters in France.

By Edouard Vidoudez, ABB France. The new ABB headquarters in France is located outside Paris in Cergy Pontoise. It was converted from a factory into an office building, and is now fully equipped with advanced building automation systems including centralised … [READ MORE]