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KNXtoday Secures 30 percent Group Discount KNXtoday Secures 30% Group Discount on Upgrading ETS3/ETS4 to ETS5 Pro (31/05/2019) - KNXtoday has secured a fantastic group discount for its readers – the KNX Association is prepared to give us a massive 30% reduction on the cost of upgrading ETS3 or ETS4 to ETS5 Professional. This will reduce the cost of … [READ MORE]

banner-rectangle-UltimateGuide-midsummer2019 The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming eBook – 30% Off Until 7th July (21/06/2019) - Save 30% with the Midsummer promotion until 7th July 2019. To get this special offer price, simply copy the discount code MIDSUMMER19 into the coupon code field in the shop. The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming is a simple and … [READ MORE]
My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case (20/06/2019) - We are excited to announce the launch of our My KNX Store Promotional Sample Cases which have been specifically designed to support our customers and those working within the KNX industry when in the process of securing KNX projects. At … [READ MORE]
KNXTrain Sets off Around the World The #KNXTrain Sets off Around the World (17/06/2019) - Ever since its inception almost 30 years ago, training has played a key role in the success of KNX – the worldwide STANDARD for building control. With over 470 manufacturers providing more than 8000 compliant products, KNX brings flexible, comprehensive … [READ MORE]
The actuators of the "compact" series fit comfortably into a switch or device box. Elsner Elektronik Announces New KNX Actuators (10/06/2019) - Actuators are an essential component of the KNX system. As interfaces to electrical loads and drives, they receive KNX commands and convert them into actions. While doing so, they are not visible to the users of the building: They are … [READ MORE]
Futurasmus KNX Group Offers Free Online KNX Basic Course Futurasmus Offers Free Online KNX Basic Course and Collaboration with KNX Training Centres (06/06/2019) - The international KNX community (associations, training centres, manufacturers, etc.) has given a warm welcome to the first online KNX Basic Course that covers the full content of the official course professionally and 100% free of charge. Futurasmus KNX Group has … [READ MORE]