Technology: How KNX RF is being used in the Linky Smart Meter

Christian Gosse

By Christian Gossé, Actimage. At the Smart Grid fair 2015 in Paris, the French electrical and digital equipment manufacturers’ union, IGNES, presented a new local radio transmitter solution, ERL (Emetteur Radio Linky). This wireless module links appliances and building automation … [READ MORE]

Futuresource Consulting Expects Wi-Fi to Dominate Smart Laundry and Refrigeration Appliances

Connected refrigerators and washing machines more than doubled in sales in 2017 and are on course to represent more than half of the global market by 2021, according to Futuresource Consulting’s latest Worldwide Home Appliance Market report. In the report, … [READ MORE]

ABB, Bosch, and Cisco Collaborate on Open Software Platform for the Smart Home

ABB, Bosch, and Cisco to Establish Joint Venture / Partner ecosystem to be open to all appliance manufacturers and service providers New software platform allows simple exchange of data between different types of devices enabling a new range of services … [READ MORE]

ABB, Bosch, Cisco and LG Consortium Develops Open Standard for Smart Home Appliances Using WiFi, ZigBee, KNX and Other Connections

ABB, Bosch, Cisco and LG Consortium

Intent to cooperate internationally Access for other manufacturers and service providers Certainty for end customers Different appliances, but just one common standard for data exchange ABB, Bosch, Cisco, and LG aim to set up a consortium to provide a software … [READ MORE]

Busch-Jaeger and Miele Show Home Networking Devices Based on KNX

The networking of home automation makes buildings more secure and open to energy savings. Miele and Busch-Jaeger, a leading company in the field of electrical installation technology, show how home appliances can be networked based on a KNX bus system. … [READ MORE]