Outlook for 2022: KNX Powers On (21/01/2022) - Yasmin Hashmi summarises interviews with the KNX Association and a selection of its members to see why KNX is so popular around the world, and what its direction of travel will be during 2022. Whatever the challenge, be it a [READ MORE]
Robust Design: KNX systems can survive Internet failure (21/01/2022) - Simon Buddle explains that with a little critical thinking at the design stage, the impact of an Internet outage can be minimised when other platforms fail. Much has been said about the 4th utility – indeed access to the Internet [READ MORE]
Security: the pitfalls of being hacked and how to avoid them using basic IT skills (21/01/2022) - KNX professionals Andy Ellis and Julio Díaz García point out the pitfalls of an unsecure system, and how to avoid them by investing in basic IT skills. If your KNX system is connected to the outside world, are you sure [READ MORE]


KNX Association Updates ETS eCampus for ETS6 (18/01/2022) - The ETS eCampus has now been completely updated for ETS6. This free online learning tool for beginners provides expert knowledge on home and building automation with KNX and ETS6. It will help you to get started with the basic concepts [READ MORE]

Integrated Systems Events Reschedules ISE 2022 for 10-13 May (12/01/2022) - After consultation with the ISE exhibitor and visitor community and in the light of the increasing impact of the Omicron variant in Spain, Integrated Systems Events announces that ISE 2022, scheduled for 1-4 February, has been postponed and will now [READ MORE]
Gira Introduces New Range of KNX Flush-Mounted Actuators (05/01/2022) - Compact powerhouses Gira has launched a new range of three KNX flush-mounted actuators: 1-gang switching actuator, 2-gang/1-gang switching/blind actuator and 1-gang dimming actuator. The dimming actuator supports LED loads of up to 200 W, while the switching actuator and the switching/blind [READ MORE]
JUNG KNX Offers Smart Heating and Comfortable Living (21/12/2021) - JUNG KNX operates the heating and air conditioning effectively and efficiently. Smart technology monitors the building: this type of regulation of the room temperature is environmentally sustainable. A KNX system always heats on demand as it controls the heating and [READ MORE]
ABB’s Virtual Innovation Shows Allow You to Experience the Future of Smart Buildings (20/12/2021) - ABB’s Virtual Innovation Shows are a series of online events, during which you will discover all the trends about safe, smart and sustainable solutions for more comfortable living and working spaces. The shows are designed as a fully immersive experience, [READ MORE]