KNX Association Talks: 2020 Review and 2021 Preview (15/01/2021) - By Yasmin Hashmi, KNXtoday In this brief interview with KNXtoday, KNX Association personnel give their views on how 2020 changed the KNX world, and what we can look forward to in 2021. Franz Kammerl, President KNXtoday: Were there any positives [READ MORE]
Thinking Ahead: KNX offers an opportunity for landlords, including damage limitation (15/01/2021) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Pull up a sandbag and let me tell you a story – it’s about mains pressure water. One of many reasons why I have always worked with electricity and electronics is because, by and [READ MORE]
View from America: sustainable infrastructure using active site technology (15/01/2021) - By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. A little over six years ago, I was honoured to co-author an article entitled Active Site for the longstanding publication ABB Review. This explained how renewable energy, together with on-site generation and storage on an [READ MORE]
A Fresh Perspective: three ways that KNX changed my opinion of ‘smart’ (15/01/2021) - By Luke Thomas, Ivory Egg. Until joining Ivory Egg, my idea of a smart home was smart plugs, off-the-shelf ‘intelligent’ lightbulbs, a few clever widgets on my phone and some home assistant speakers dotted about the house. Please feel free [READ MORE]


KNXtoday Partners with KNX Association (21/01/2021) - KNXtoday and KNX Association are pleased to announce a partnership agreement that will see KNXtoday magazine now being published by KNX Association. The partnership will improve KNX Association’s communications of its strategies, plans, events and news to the KNX community [READ MORE]

Zennio Confirms Imminent Availability of Z40 Touch Panel (13/01/2021) - Last month we explored some of the new products that Zennio will be releasing in the first half of 2021 including the Z35 big brother, the Z40. As release of this product is now imminent we wanted to throw some [READ MORE]
EuropeOn, the European Association for Electrical Contractors, Launches ‘Business opportunities since Covid-19’ Report (12/01/2021) - Electrical contractors start 2021 with a new study on “Business opportunities since Covid-19” which will be publicly presented on 26 January A new year calls for good resolutions. With this in mind, EuropeOn and its members decided to start the [READ MORE]
ABB i-bus KNX Technology Provides Transformational Home Automation for Specialist Disability Accommodation Project (11/01/2021) - An ambitious Specialist Disability Accommodation project includes a suite of automated features that give residents control and independence Sometimes a name embodies the ethos of an entire undertaking. So it is with DPN Casa Capace: casa is ‘home’ and capace [READ MORE]
Weinzierl Celebrates 30 Years of KNX With Cyber-Secure Cabled, Wireless and IP Products (15/12/2020) - The KNX Association celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. In the world of technology, thirty years is a very long time. Most technical standards from the 1990s have long since been replaced by more powerful technologies. So how can it [READ MORE]