Case Study: KNX controls Amerikalinje, Tripadvisor’s no.1 hotel in Oslo (19/05/2021) - Mikkel André Markmann describes the KNX automation system that completed the conversion of this historic building into a luxury and energy-efficient hotel. The old headquarters of Den Norske Amerikalinje (Norwegian America Line) in Oslo, Norway, was renovated into a luxury [READ MORE]
Independent Living: KNX meets assistive technology (19/05/2021) - Andy Ellis looks at how standard KNX technology can be used to help elderly and disabled people have control over their environments, and gives some great practical examples of installations using assistive technology. Assistive technology can help people stay independent [READ MORE]
Energy Management: integrating EVs with KNX for intelligent charging (19/05/2021) - Casto Cañavate looks at the growth of the electric vehicle market and how it makes sense to integrate charging within a KNX energy management system at home or at work. In recent years we have seen a dramatic change in [READ MORE]
Preparing for 2025: replacing gas and oil boilers with low-carbon systems (19/05/2021) - Simon Buddle looks at the demands of new green legislation on future heating systems, and how plumbers are now faced with having to replace tried-and-tested technology with more challenging alternatives. There are plenty of grumpy old people in the world. [READ MORE]


KNX-Driven Climate Protection: KNX Takes Energy Management to a New Level (14/06/2021) - Energy management systems based on KNX: The latest solutions and projects demonstrate great potential for active energy savings and sustainability. Energy management is playing an increasingly central role in smart home projects. Cost savings and the protection of the climate [READ MORE]

JUNG Offers Two System Devices in One by Combining KNX Power Supply and IP Interface (10/06/2021) - Two in one JUNG upgraded the KNX system devices and combined two essential areas. The new power supply with IP interface facilitates operations more efficiently. By combining power supply and IP interface, JUNG unites two crucial system devices in a [READ MORE]
KNX Association Offers 30% Off ETS5 Professional Upgrades in June (01/06/2021) - Were you planning to order upgrades to ETS5 Professional of the ETS products you already own? In June, KNX Association is offering a special reduction of 30% on all upgrades to ETS5 Professional. Don’t miss this opportunity! Conditions (*) Upgrade [READ MORE]
Steinel Offers Multisensor AIR Aerosol KNX Sensors for Analysing the Air Quality in Rooms (19/05/2021) - The STEINEL multi-sensors permanently analyse the air quality in rooms. This is good for a healthy climate in a building and important for concentration and learning ability. Currently, the potential risk of infection is high on everyone’s agenda. For the [READ MORE]
KNX Association is Presenting Show Partner at ISE Digital 1–2 June 2021 (14/05/2021) - ISE Digital goes live (1-2 June), bringing the AV community together again for the first time since February 2020. Whether joining online or in person at ISE@Barcelona, you can expect to leave with the tools you need to build a [READ MORE]