Exploiting KNX Data: monitoring telegrams using graphs to add value to your installation (22/06/2021) - Andy Ellis explains how data generated from a KNX system can be used in graphical form to provide greater insight into a system’s performance to benefit installers and clients. The article also contains useful practical examples. KNX is such a [READ MORE]
Project Planning: avoiding design disconnects (22/06/2021) - Simon Buddle explains why it is important for the KNX systems integrator to be involved in a project at an early stage in order to avoid detrimental deviation from the original design, and ensure a happy customer. Our buying transactions [READ MORE]
Show Report: KNX takes centre stage at ISE 2021 (22/06/2021) - Yasmin Hashmi reports on the recent ISE show, with summaries of KNX and other useful presentations, and links to the online videos. ISE is the largest professional AV show in the world, and this year moved to Barcelona, where an [READ MORE]
KNX in Africa: pioneers make progress with first KNX Member (22/06/2021) - With KNX now present on all continents, the stage is set for a smarter world. Yasmin Hashmi gives a tase of how KNX is progressing in Africa, and how the market is developing quickly. Africa. What a continent. So diverse. [READ MORE]


JUNG Introduces Smart Panel 8: Attractive and Smart (18/06/2021) - The JUNG KNX touch display Smart Panel 8 is the solution for the visualisation of the KNX system. A server is not required. The Smart Panel 8 enables the control of the building functions and it can be installed in [READ MORE]

KNX Association Focuses on Energy Management at (25/07/2021) - From international summits to local community groups, the interest and support for the need to manage our energy use in a more sustainable way is growing. The KNX standard can of course be used to help build a more energy [READ MORE]
Light + Building 2022 Announces New Digital Features (21/07/2021) - How will we live, work and get around in the future? What have we learnt from recent experiences and how can we combine these lessons with existing knowledge? In this case, innovation is the key. Physical encounters are the core [READ MORE]
PEAKnx Launches Award-Winning 8-Inch KNX Touch Panel Controlmicro (05/07/2021) - With its high-resolution 8” display and the included YOUVI visualisation, the PEAKnx Controlmicro is ideal for room control of a KNX building. The KNX room controller can be used as a client or as a stand-alone KNX server. A direct [READ MORE]
JUNG Presents New Generation of KNX Flush-Mounted Actuators (01/07/2021) - Safe and flexible: the new JUNG flush-mounted actuators are safe thanks to KNX Secure and updates received via app. JUNG presents a new generation of KNX actuators for flush mounting. The new models Universal Dimming actuator, switch- and blinds actuator [READ MORE]


DIVUS Offers KNX IQ Stand Alone Panel for Visualization (17/06/2021) - DIVUS KNX IQ The cost-effective yet powerful entry into the world of KNX building visualization. The KNX IQ manages and controls your electrical installation. It is a Stand Alone Panel, through which the entire visualization of the apartment can be [READ MORE]