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Siemens Whitepaper: Turning buildings into a source of energy: The grid interactive building (16/07/2021) - This whitepaper identifies the emergence of a new type of building, the ‘grid interactive building’ at the grid edge, where smart buildings meet smart grids. This has been identified by Siemens as a future vision for how commercial buildings, education, [READ MORE]
KNX at ISE 2021 Digital (14/07/2021) - All the KNX presentations at ISE Live and Online 2021 in a YouTube playlist. Watch them here! [READ MORE]
KNX4U – Interview with David Thurow of KNX USA (09/07/2021) - David Thurow, President of KNX USA, gives an insightful overview of how KNX entered the US market and rose to a strong player in this complex market. Want to check out more KNX4U videos? Then visit knx4u.knx.org [READ MORE]
Frost & Sullivan Webinar: Top 8 Predictions in the Global Homes & Buildings Industry 2021 (07/07/2021) - As homes and buildings industry participants deal with the continued slowdown and fundamental shifts brought by the pandemic, there are distinct pockets of industry opportunities. Although the effect of the pandemic was severe in the traditional markets such as HVAC, [READ MORE]
ISE Digital 2021: KNX Association Hub (29/06/2021) - ISE Digital was a 2-day festival of content intuitively designed to help you succeed in the pro-AV industry. With an inspiring programme which is available on demand until December 2021. The KNX Association Hub provides access to KNX presentations, as [READ MORE]
KNX AV Integration Conference Recordings (11/06/2021) - The recordings of all the sessions are now available on the KNX YouTube channel, arranged in the same order as the conference. The two German sessions presented during the event are at the end of the playlist. Also the presentations can be downloaded here. [READ MORE]
Frost & Sullivan – The 50 Game-changing Technologies Transforming the Future Webinar (11/06/2021) - The convergence of emerging technologies with other advanced solutions is driving powerful innovations that will generate multi-billion dollar markets and new growth opportunities across the globe. However, identifying the right technologies to focus on can be costly, complex and time-intensive. [READ MORE]
KNX4U – Interview with Paul Foulkes, KNX UK (08/06/2021) - Paul Foulkes, President of KNX UK, shares his view on the market in the UK and highlights the differences that he experienced in his career. [READ MORE]
ISE Digital 2021 On Demand (08/06/2021) - ISE Digital was a 2-day festival of content intuitively designed to help you succeed in the pro-AV industry. The inspiring programme is available to watch on demand until December 2021. digital.iseurope.org/event/ise [READ MORE]
ISE in 60 Seconds (21/05/2021) - Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest AV and systems integration show. Since it started in 2004, the four-day tradeshow has become the European destination for the global AV industry. ISE 2020 hosted over 1,300 exhibitors and attracted over 116,000 [READ MORE]