Dr KNX: Opening the ETS4 Database — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, can you please advice what to do if you get this pop up”Open Database (C:\SVN\1235 – Heathrow T2B Phase 2\Data\ETS4 Databases\P109.mdf) failed. The Server did not respond in time” when you trying to open databases? It is obviously to late to do backup is in it? I had this on my old laptop from one day to another and because my laptop was due to replace I got my new one now and I was thinking that installing all again will solve that problem but it didn’t. looking forward to hear back from you.

    Regards Jacek.

  2. Hi Jacek

    It looks like a problem with the SQL Server. However, without seeing the log file, it is hard to say what it is. We suggest that you open a support ticket or upgrade to ETS5.

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