Business: Lessons that KNX Manufacturers Can Learn from the Big Players — 2 Comments

  1. I think this is an interesting conversation and one that all KNX related companies should be engaged in – “what is the position of KNX with relation to the IoT?”

    We certainly overlap applications with IoT solutions today, and IoT will move from ‘hobby’ to ‘real world’ over the next couple of years – and lets not be naive, IoT will be a hugely popular trend and particularly when products emerge that aggregate the disparate control interfaces of various manufacturers into one common experience.

    The ‘Appelisation’ and simplification of building control will be a challenge for KNX suppliers and installers in order to stay competitive – customers and stake holders in buildings will expect to have consumer usability with professional reliability and interoperability. For the time being that is where the current paradigm of KNX has advantages, but we’ll have to be light on our feet to keep in that position.

    Great article Jesus, thank you.

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