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Business Opportunities: long-term service and maintenance contracts (22/02/2021) - Professional installer and service engineer, Andy Ellis, focuses on the longevity of KNX systems and explores the benefits of service and maintenance contracts. KNX recently celebrated its 30th birthday. It is remarkable to think that there are KNX installations out [READ MORE]
Top Tips: interfacing with external systems and choosing the most suitable products (22/02/2021) - Mark Warburton outlines the different ways in which KNX systems can communicate with non-KNX systems, and offers some tips on choosing the best product for a given application. As a technical distributor, we are regularly asked to come up with [READ MORE]
Trade Talk: integrating audio into KNX systems (22/02/2021) - Simon Buddle looks at how audio systems can be integrated with KNX and what types of control make sense. There are sounds and images that stick with us throughout life: the first bike; watching the Moon Landing; the birth of [READ MORE]
View from America: KNX and intelligent renovation (22/02/2021) - Our U.S. Correspondent, Philip Juneau, discusses how a KNX system in a renovation or retrofit application is the most cost-effective, time-efficient and future-proof platform, assuring transparency and operational effectiveness for the building owner. In today’s world, we are faced with [READ MORE]