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Show Report Part 2: KNXperience – the products (10/11/2020) - By Yasmin Hashmi, KNXtoday. KNXperience, which took place from 28th September to 2nd October 2020, was the first online global trade fair dedicated to KNX, organised by KNX Association. In last month’s show report, we gave an overview of the [READ MORE]
KNX@30: a personal journey (10/11/2020) - By Colin Price, Ivory Egg. KNX is a thirty-year-old. No longer a child, nor a teenager. KNX is now a fully-sentient adult taking its place in the world. How extraordinary it is to think that a small idea, born out [READ MORE]
Thirty Years of KNX: whatever its age, your system will not be obsolete (10/11/2020) - By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes It is the 30th year of the KNX standard. Celebrations have been ongoing for most of the year, and KNX continues to grow as the dominant smart building standard across  Europe (I think the [READ MORE]
View from America: reducing our energy consumption via demand-side management (10/11/2020) - By Philip R. Juneau. I write this article just as the results of the election are coming in here in the USA, and have decided to focus on demand-side management (DSM), i.e., the monitoring and controlling of our energy consumption, [READ MORE]